Sunday, 6 July 2014

Tea at the palace.....

...Kensington Palace as paying visitors, and it was a mug of tea with my sandwich lunch :-)

My 2ndCousinM has spent nearly six weeks travelling around Europe with her friend ending with a few days in London, so Hubby&I with sisterS&bilK met the girls at Kensington Palace.

We had a lovely mooch around the exhibits chatting all the time, then to the cafeteria for lunch, still chatting, then out around the gardens and through Hyde Park to find the Albert Memorial Statue and the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, which is actually more like an oval running river for paddling in.

The girls wanted to head off to Harrods so Hubby decided it was time to head home (he doesn't do posh shopping).
We all had a really nice 4+ hours together. We had driven in to Newbury Park then used the underground, so when we got back to our car we made a quick stop to see bilA as he only lives round the corner. Quick cup of tea then home.

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