Sunday, 6 July 2014

Very proud grandma moments.....

We're coming to the end of the school year and although my grandchildren are home educated they attend various extra groups that run term time only, so we have a little group of performances that we look forward to.

Thursday evening E's choir had their concert which Daughter and I both went to (thanks to Hubby offering to entertain and feed O) and really enjoyed, they came on after the guitar group and the junior percussion group. The choir had quite a varied programme of songs and they all looked the part too.  Friday evening, however, E had her South Suffolk Youth Wind Band concert at the same time as R's Wolsey Youth drama group's performance, so Daughter went to E's and my friendKK and I went to R's. It was great seeing these young performers on a real theatre stage. The whole evening was Shakespeare based and R's group did "How many Shakespeare plays can we fit into 10 mins), so a lot of very abridged dialogue and running around all done with great humour. R only had a few small parts to play which she did very well although I know she was a bit disappointed at not having a part a bit bigger....but friendKK and I both enjoyed it, as did the young dad who sat beside friendKK who was there on his own to see his daughter and was obviously not used to theatre going, so KK went into her usual befriending inquisition and had his whole life story in 10 mins!

We dropped R home. (along with the big bag of dried washing) and went home and friendKK came in for a cuppa but as it was such a lovely warm evening we went straight outside again to the garden with cold drinks. Hubby joined us out there soon after as he'd been out on a blood-run. KK went home and we came in then I noticed the video Daughter had uploaded to her flickr account. E is a percussionist and of course spends most performances running between instruments at the very back of the orchestra and because she is small can be heard but often can't be seen. Well during this concert E and another slightly older lad were right at the front and played a difficult xylophone duet AND Daughter was in a really good position to capture it all on her phone. IT IS AMAZING :-) very very proud of her. Daughter said the applause went on and on for a long time!!!

Saturday morning Daughter then went to see R perform with her other drama group. Unfortunately I couldn't go to that as I was on my way to London, however Daughter said that R was brilliant in the two different sketches she was in and "owned the stage" in one of them :-)

How wonderful that they each have special talents and the opportunities to use them and really  enjoy using them as much as we enjoy being entertained by them, I can't stop smiling and showing off to others... I'm a very proud grandma :-)

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