Saturday, 12 July 2014

Theatre : Galileo....

Last night we were at The New Wolsey Theatre for a professional production and proudly telling my friends that just a week ago my granddaughter was performing on this stage :-)

A new musical play
Book, music and lyrics by Martin Waddington.

'A Battle of Wills Fought Across the Heavens'

When Galileo pointed his telescope into the heavens, what he glimpsed turned our view of the universe upside down. His family and friends were thrown into turmoil, while he came into direct conflict with the might of the Catholic Church - and the dreaded Inquisition. Would the light of science be allowed to shine into the future?

Neither of my friends are really into musicals so I'd been asked to drive and had they had warned a husband that they might get a "come get me" call at the interval but we all thoroughly enjoyed it, the singing was excellent, almost operatic in some parts, the acting faultless and we learned more about this great man.


Michelle said...

why do we refer to him by his first name and other centrists by their surname?

Michelle said...

centrists? Scientists!

MumB / @mumbosh said...

That's a very good observation! They didn't in the play they called him Galilei most of the time and his wife called him Leo (pronounced Ley-oh). Can't find an answer to your question though.