Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Home alone......

Early Sunday morning Son arrived to collect Hubby and both head off to his house in Wiltshire to get some decorating done, they'll be away till Tuesday night.

Before they had driven off Daughter and O had arrived with more laundry as her broken washing machine which was fixed is broken again! They stayed till after lunch and headed home with clean wet washing.

Monday was our usual monthly coffee morning. Obviously setting it all up on my own was a bit more effort but no problem really. Not many this time just six adults, two children and me. Our nails appointment in the afternoon was cancelled as Mary is quite unwell, she'll phone me as soon as she feels better to rearrange. So I got on with filling in the gaps of the paving by the front door as we get a horrid amount of ants coming up every year so I'll cement this escape and they can work their runs through to the grass areas. With our next door neighbours away and Hubby away too I was on fish feeding and plant watering duty for both houses.

Tuesday and I was looking forward to the day to myself as I'd so much I wanted to get done. I did manage ironing about 90mins worth, gardening some much needed plant moving that had been growing over the tarmac, and returning to the concrete I'd done yesterday as I needed to wash and scrub off the messy bits, lots of hard scrubbing, then this afternoon I discovered the ants had found a tiny gap and had come through en mass and mostly mutated into those flying ant things arrgghhh, so even though I was trying really hard to not kill them just divert them I flipped and covered them and the hole in bleach....please don't think badly of me it's right by the front door!!!
Anyway all this activity was constantly punctuated by neighbours chatting, phone calls, face booking, texting and talking wedding cakes with a friend that makes for a friend that will need one next year.

And tonight I'm out with friends so Hubby will get home before me.
I've not felt home alone at all really :-)


Michelle said...

Flying ants are vile. We had them in the kitchen once. Black slate floor, black granite and black ants. Urgh.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Urgh indeed !!!