Sunday, 15 June 2014

Theatre: You Can Always Hand Them Back....

Home from my holiday in plenty of time to go to the theatre (as booked and paid for) with friends Trish and Pat.....and we got to ride in Trish's new car :-)

With music from Peter Skellern (You’re a Lady, Stop The Week), You Can Always Hand Them Back is a heart-warming, funny and charming celebration of the heroes of any family – the grandparents.
Kath and Maurice are settling into comfortable retirement. If only Maurice can defeat the remote control, nothing stands between him and wall-to-wall golf. For Kath there’s just one fly in the ointment – she wishes they heard more from the kids. Well that’s all about to change with the arrival of four nappy-wearing terrors, suddenly people can’t get enough of grandma and grandpa!
You thought the days of burping, bathing and babysitting were over, but it’s all come round again and this time the Bank of Grandma and Grandpa is well and truly open too!
Join us as Maurice dances the Twice-A-Night Tinkle Tango, Kath negotiates who is coming Home For Christmas and then it’s bath time – Don’t Let The Little B*****d Get Away!
Grandparents – this is your chance to show the kids what it’s really like, through the ups and downs. Parents – take a look at what they’ve been going through! Kids… kids? Which remote control works the TV?

No grandparent will want to miss it, and no would-be grandparent should.

Not really sure what to say about this....there was a guy playing the piano and bursting into song every now and then, there were just two actors (the grandparents) who burst into song a lot and sometimes did daft dance steps at the same time. The rest of the family were coming and going but all imaginary to us.The concept was quite a good representation of life, the script was a bit amusing and sometimes a bit depressing, their voices were quite good as was the acting but overall I found it quite nauseating.

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