Friday, 20 June 2014

Granddaughter diary, day 4 .....

The highlight of today was cleaning the carpet. R had shopped with Granddad when he bought the Vanish carpet powder and was desperate to do it, so today she did, and a very good job she did too.

Of course we needed Hubby to move the heavy furniture. And I did help a lot too, you may think not as I'm never in the photos but I've got the camera. We think the result is an improvement although the worst areas just in front of the sofas will benefit from doing again.

Dinner request was chinese takeaway :-)
Then I left them to the football and went out to my art group evening. After art we go onto the Orwell Crossing truck stop for live music and we were looking forward to seeing one of our favourite bands, but arrgghhh we got there and the football had taken over on the big screen and the band had been paid off and sent home!!!! So silly silly person who made that decision as most lorry drivers don't drink lots and don't stay up late so the bar must have lost considerable takings when the football finished and everyone left, except us of course ;-)

Hubby was on call but he never gets called out really late so I said take the car (he's usually on the liveried motor bike) and take R with......well that was tempting fate really and he did get called out to be at Bury St Edmunds for midnight to collect blood and plasma for Ipswich Hospital. They got home about 12:45am and R said it was a bit interesting to see what happens but a bit boring just sitting in the car and she was also a bit hungry, so a few crackers with chocolate spread then bed.

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