Monday, 16 June 2014

Granddaughter diary, day 1....

Hubby covered a lot of miles this weekend, Friday evening he went with Daughter, E and O to Kentwell in my car, helping them to set up the camper and empty the car then bringing my car home. Thankfully he was home before me so was there to pick me up when I caught my shoe on the front door step and came crashing in and landing on the hall carpet.....ouch on my knee and elbow but mostly my big toe, ouch ouch ouch wouldn't be surprised if it was a bit broken but I'll never know as there is no point checking as there's nothing they can do for toes so rest elevated and paracetamol!

Saturday morning he collected R from home (she doesn't do Kentwell) and took her to her drama class then when he picked her up afterwards he drove her straight to meet her dad. Sunday evening he got her back from her dad (he'd been out with friends at Stansted airport from lunchtime), then after nearly 500 miles in three days they were both finally here about 8:30pm and R is staying for the next two weeks.

So today has been day 1. Lazy start and late breakfast. Her choice for dinner was cauliflower cheese so off she went for a shopping trip with granddad. She was supposed to go to an archery group this afternoon but said she really found it boring and wasn't sure why her mum had booked it. I said she didn't have to go as I couldn't justify spending the fuel and time for us to all be there for something she didn't enjoy but granddad did say she should keep some of her own money aside to pay her mum back for the wasted booking. I felt bad that I had no contact numbers to let anyone know she wasn't coming.

R's mood noticeably lifted and enthusiastically joined me for gardening. We were planting my souvenir plant and trimming back the grapevines but rain stopped play after a short while. When the short shower passed R was out again gathering blooms and foliage and creating lovely flower arrangements. 

Add to that the lunch and dinner and tv and minecraft and YouTube collections of cute animals to music and lots and lots of chat :-)

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