Saturday, 28 June 2014

Granddaughter diary, last days......

Yesterday was a definite show of home sickness for R, with a total lack of enthusiasm. After the morning's quite forceful cajoling into the bathroom for some personal grooming it was pretty much on the sofa with minecraft and skype. Although her head came up a couple of times saying "I really fancy doing something" but after my very long list of suggestions her shoulders shrugged and her head went down again.

We had to leave home at 4pm to pop R home to change into her dance stuff (she'd packed her shoes but not black leggings etc). M opened the door and immediately apologised for the mess (and it truly was), he's moving the bedrooms around and it's not going exactly as planned. R needed help to even get to her clothes!  R agreed with M to come home for the weekend even though she may not have anywhere to sleep!

Then off we went to her dance class. It's a very odd bunch of people that sit and wait for their children (not watching at all), I was one of the first there so took a chair off the stack and put it on the left (where I'd sat once before when the chairs had already been set out) then as others arrived they sat on the right of the hall, which I'm guessing is where they always sit but did make me feel awkward. Well there were only about five together, three mums the dance teacher's sister who had finished giving her private lesson and wasn't involved in the main group class,  and the teacher's mum who sets out chairs and takes the money....and they got sooo noisy and distracting for the class, their own children kept calling across too when they should have been dancing! And then one of them went into the kitchen and yelled through the hatch right behind me "do you want tea Linda?" and came out with three mugs without any acknowledgement I was there. The dance teacher did come over for a chat though which was lovely. So home around 7pm and dinner out of the freezer for just the two of us as Hubby had met old work friends for lunch and was out all evening at a stag do!

R did get quite animated though about 9:30pm when she noticed the hedgehog out in the garden again so went out to investigate like she did the night before. Eventually she went up to bed.

Today is her drama group morning then I'll take her home after gathering up all her belongings that have spread out around the house. Gonna miss having her here!

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