Saturday, 21 June 2014

Granddaughter diary, day 5 .....

Friday been and gone already, this week is flying by!
No photos as no activity...for R that is as Hubby and I have done stuff but couldn't get her to muster any enthusiasm for anything, guess that's too many late nights. She did have her computer on and "mincrafted", "skyped" and "everybody edits" interactively with friends. But sleeping and eating are often difficult for R and at least here she's been eating well.

Son came over in the evening for a belated father's day pint out with his dad.
He also brought some gifts back from his recent holiday and gave R four sticks of rock for the four children and she ate hers within about an hour.

I'm typing this and she's still asleep (8:40am) but I need to wake her soon as she has drama class this morning and then is going home for the weekend as D is there with his dad so I'm assuming they will be on computers most of the time and miss all the lovely  weather that has been forecast. Actually I've a huge pile of ironing to catch up with but maybe I'll find garden things to do instead.

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