Thursday, 26 June 2014

Granddaughter diary, day 10.....

Was an at home day, and R stayed in bed reading till nearly lunchtime then managed to flit about us while we were doing various jobs not really helping. Hubby is installing some big gates and R had a go at drilling out tarmac and concrete for a post to go in, but she only managed a minute or two.

We shopped for her choice dinner of nachos as that's what she would have had if she was going bowling with Granddad but we had arranged with a friend of mine to go to the cinema.

R cooked the chilli and grated the cheese but left me to assemble and grill yummy!

Then off to the cinema picking friendH up on the way but forgetting to pick up the 3D glasses I'd left on the hall shelf ready so we had to buy more there (friendH's fault as she was texting to say where are you thinking we'd arranged half hour earlier than we had so I ended up rushing out the door).

We all really enjoyed this Sleeping Beauty story told in a totally different way, the special effects were amazing and some fantastic creatures and characters were created, although both R and I agreed that they didn't make any special efforts towards 3D effects which was a shame for friendH as this was her first 3D experience but she really enjoyed it anyway.


Michelle said...

Oh my those nachos look good!

I've heard good things about Maleficent.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

"What's for dinner? Can we have...." is definitely a theme this time :-)