Sunday, 25 August 2013

Welcome home...

Wednesday and our wonderful Daughter had offered to make us a dinner to come home to, but after travelling I'm usually more tired than hungry, so I said not to bother but just requested some fresh milk in the fridge. When we got home we were first greeted with this on the front door...

Inside all the banisters had been decorated with ribbons, hair bands and lots of strings of beads (this is actually a long standing tradition here). On the table was a note saying how Daughter and all four children had picked all the plums, because of course they had ripened while we were away. There were two huge bowls and a bucket full of plums on the worktop together with a yummy plum crumble which the note said was made by R for us.

Also on the table was a wrapped birthday gift from my Daughter and Son. I couldn't wait to unwrap it and found this fantastic puzzle jug (I have a real passion for jugs)...

Isn't it amazing?

And there was post, including lots more birthday cards, so I unpacked the cards that travelled with us and put them on display...

There was as requested the fresh milk, so cups of tea with crumble and custard made the perfect end to our day.

Of course Thursday I was hoping to unpack and get all the washing done, but we woke to a very wet morning and it rained all day. So I unpacked and did just one machine load to put upstairs on the clothes horse then Daughter and children arrived :-)

We handed out their little souvenirs and had lunch then we got on with removing the stones from a big pan full of plums and made a huge batch of jam (didn't have any bottled pectin so it stayed very runny but tastes good).

Friday was a lovely sunny day so we managed three machine loads of washing, but still not through it all (why did we take so much?). While Hubby shook the tree and got another big bucket of plums down I also had a mad moment and defrosted the freezer, I'd meant to do it before the holiday but had ran out of time. By lunchtime I was exhausted but then had to rush off to a physio appointment, struggled to find something suitable to wear of course as all my shorts were on the washing line! I wasn't fit for much when I got home.

Today M and O came over on the bus for lunch and our Son came over this afternoon too which was really lovely. And now I'm sitting here with the sounds of an enormous firework display coming in through double glazing so that's how loud it is, but unfortunately I can't see any, so I'm guessing it's coming from the docks where there is a maritime festival on this weekend,  glad they've a dry night for it.

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