Saturday, 24 August 2013

Birthday proper........

11th August was the day I was born and 60 years on I'm celebrating in Italy.

Before we left our room Hubby told me that his present is a show in London of my choice on the 6th September and he also handed me a special present from Son&fiancĂ©e which is a beautiful Pandora bracelet.  Then we knocked next door for S&K and SisterS handed me the bag she had bought yesterday, that was sneaky eh making sure I really liked something before she bought it, I really didn't have a clue at the time hahaha. We then came down for our first breakfast in the Hotel Giardino Verdi and were very pleased at the full continental buffet on offer and eggs (scrambled, fried or boiled) fresh to order.

We ate our fill then I opened the huge pile of birthday cards that we had collected and packed. The gifts I'd previously received were left at home to open when we get back. It seemed that as my birthday was a Sunday then lots of people had thought to post early yaay :). FriendM had included her gift in her card too which was a lovely surprise and Friend-t41 surprised us all when a shiny cascade of birthday confetti fell from her card around the table and floor (I caught most of them so they can scatter in my case lol).

As we had a full leisure day we found the bus to Varone to see the famous Waterfall. It was a stunning sight as none of the waterfall shows on the outside you have to walk up through beautiful gardens then into a cave and the torrent of water is coming down inside and although the path is a fair distance away everyone gets soaked.

I was so careful on all the wet paths as I was wearing crocs and they're really slippery when wet but I was fine....then as we walked towards the bus stop I tripped down an unseen step and bent all the toes of my left foot ouch ouch ouch...of course as you may know I'm already suffering with knee pain on my right, so my walking for anyone watching must have had a very unusual gait :-)

When we got back to our hotel I rested my foot wrapped in a cold flannel for a short while then we were off again for a walk around Riva and just had to stop for the men to have beers and us girls to enjoy gelata mmmmm Italian ice cream is my favourite.

After dinner at the hotel, we met our rep at the lake for an evening excursion by boat to Limone. When the two reps started wishing me a happy birthday another guy came over to say it was his birthday too and in fact it was his 60th too!!! On board we were all given a glass (plastic cup) of Prosecco and the reps then got everyone singing happy birthday to the two of us, very funny. The evening in Limone was brilliant, the whole place was alive with entertainment.

A really lovely busy day with aches, pains and bruises to prove it :o)

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