Saturday, 3 August 2013

But where did she go?....

What do you do when you've been enthusiastically following the blog of a complete stranger and they suddenly stop blogging without warning or explanation?

This blogger is a young lady with lots of time for all she blogs about due to a lot of stay-at-home-ness brought on by an op that went wrong. This lovely girl had so many followers and every post had a long list of comments. She also wrote for a couple of magazines which I assume she got paid for. I followed her on twitter too.

Like so many others, I was really pleased to read about the corrective surgery and how she was recovering and oh so slowly getting her life back.

Then nothing!!!
I've googled her blog name, her twitter name and her real name and checked out the online mags too, still nothing! Yes I'm curious and a bit worried too and of course you can't help yourself thinking all sorts of things, but maybe I'll never know.


Michelle said...

I suppose I would write a brief message saying "You don't know me but I've been following your story and that you've been quiet recently. I hope all is well." Then I would know I'd done something and my brain would rest easier on it. Also would feel I'd let her know she is thought about even if she's not blogging (which if something not happy has happened may make her feel slightly uplifted even if she never responds).

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Yes you're right Michelle, I've noticed one other person has put something similar on the last February post with no reply but if I do it too at least I will have tried something, which has to be better than nothing. Thank you x