Saturday, 10 August 2013

Birthday bash - parts 1 and 2.....

Birthday with a big number for me on Sunday but we are off on holiday on Saturday so celebrations are spreading out and longer lasting which is great :-)

Last night there were 10 of us at our favourite truck stop.

Today O delivered his birthday present song (with a little help from his mum)

Tonight most of my lovely family went out to dinner 

M and R are missing as they are away and fiancĂ©eD was with us but taking the photo.  For the more observant you may notice I'm in the same outfit both nights, well that's because everything else is packed.

I've had lots of lovely presents but my cards are all packed to open on Sunday. And now Hubby is in bed and will get just over two hours sleep but I think I would feel worse so everything is packed and ready and I'm watching lots of recorded stuff on TV so we can leave home at 1:30am and head off on our Italian holiday. 

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