Monday, 5 August 2013

Busy with lovely people days....

Friday was Daughter's first day back from their camping holiday so they came to see me which was lovely. It was all four children and there were some arguments and upsets and a lot of messed up lounge but I'd missed them and was desperate to spend time with them before Hubby and I go on holiday next Saturday. We had a hot cooked dinner at lunchtime as R has her dancing lesson late afternoon and hates dancing on a full stomach. Of course that had its problems as Hubby was finishing off the kitchen tiling so I chose food that could all go in the oven together so as not to keep disturbing him.

Saturday we drove out to meet up with friends L&K and B&T. They'd requested a lunch rather than evening and as Saturdays are usually busy days in town centres we went back to our mid-way pub we used to go to as it's nowhere near shops and has its own large car park. Us girls have been friends since school days and never short of stuff to talk about. This time it was mostly about holidays...the California one B&T have just come back from...the Italy one Hubby & I are about to go on...the Colorado one that L&K go on end of August early September...the cruise we are going on in April with L&K...and the US trip L&K have booked with B&T for next August. Sounds like we are all always on holiday doesn't it? But between the various combinations of the three couples it probably sounds a lot more than it is, although I never even mentioned the weekend in Luxembourg we have booked for November ha ha ha ha.

Sunday we went to the annual social gathering with BBQ for the bowling people and partners. Not so many people there as previous years but there was definitely as much food! The weather was lovely and the organiser put out some activities on the field such as boule and golf ball hitting into upturned umbrellas etc which Hubby joined in enthusiastically but I mainly sat chatting to the few people I know. Plus the organiser and his wife have very recently moved into the house next door the hall we were using so a few of us got a guided tour of their house.

Monday and it's already the 5th of August and another of our coffee mornings for our neighbours. There were just 9 of us this time as some of the usuals couldn't come, however one neighbour who is due to move soon made a point of coming and another neighbour who has never come up before came and said she had really enjoyed herself and will definitely come as often as she can. After very briefly popping home my next door neighbour was back and we both had our nails done and together with my lovely nail technician we chatted on for another couple of hours :-)

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