Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Wrong year for the plague....

Poor Daughter wanted a fun five days as a tudor playing her new Rauchefife and eating pottage, however, various unwell people have changed plans for her and us. Firstly R was unwell so stayed behind, then O was unwell so Daughter brought him home Saturday stayed the night then she went back early morning leaving O behind, R had also decided not to go at all, with us sharing the children's entertainment with M.

Yesterday we held our monthly coffee morning. I love it that our neighbours are enjoying the chat and keep coming. There were 10 of us round the table this time. One couple were just back from a Canadian holiday, there was sharing of hats and scarf patterns for putting into charity boxes, and a quick lesson on jam making for the tiny grapes we get on the vine in our garden, and everyone wanted an update on A next door who has broken his pelvis and is housebound for the next couple of months.

Unfortunately for M he had been unwell overnight and got a doctor's appointment for early afternoon, so after our coffee morning guests had gone we collected the children and brought them back here. Having finally got O's tudor coat dry after dinner hubby reunited him with his mum at Kentwell (did I mention it's an hours drive from here) and R decided to sleep here instead of going home. Such a shame there was nothing good on tv for our evening relax and R didn't want to play a game so we watched her choice which was Sponge Bob x1, Finneas and Ferb x2 and Simpsons x2   :{

I was first up this morning but not till 8:30am and there was already a txt on my phone from Daughter saying that O had the runs and she would need to bring him home. Camping at Kentwell is definitely not the place to be with an unwell three year old :( So Daughter with O arrived here and together with R Hubby and me we had breakfast and following many games later by lunch. O was really pleased to have R to play with and did some pool playing and den building together, he also got granddad tennis playing and got me setting up and packing away his painting session and boardgame playing. Daughter headed back to Kentwell disappointed to have missed a whole day and back to E who is loving it there, and as M is still unwell both children are sleeping here, this is the first time for O. He's asleep now after a long story downstairs from granddad and another story from me upstairs........keeping everything crossed!!!

There is no record of a plague in East Anglia during 1556 but without being able to run home to the warm and dry and modern medicine you can understand how they would have suffered and spread germs.

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