Sunday, 14 October 2012

Under attack....

Had a day out with Daughter and O on Friday after dropping the girls off at a 5 hour big science workshop, it was too far to drive home and back again.

The weather was not good for any outdoor pursuits, it had been raining for at least 12 hours and many places would be really muddy. So we headed into Woodbridge. After a little mooch we stopped for a coffee. O just loves his 'baby chino' and also chose a huge slice of chocolate cake!  I said I would share it with him but he was not giving any of it up without a fight. Small note here of gratitude that Daughter had wet wipes in her bag as I was sitting next to flying chocolate cake wearing a bright yellow mac, should have known better eh?

After coffee we did more mooching, shoe shop where O nearly got some new boots but he didn't want them as they were not brightly coloured, book shop where O bought a book, charity shop and a lot of window shopping too. Then all of a sudden Daughter felt unwell, she looked exhausted and said she could just lie on the pavement and go to sleep  :-(
We decided to stop for lunch. Daughter could barely eat half of her sandwich and of course O was still full from his cake and totally entertained by his new book so he ate little, I ate all mine but felt I had to apologise to the waitress when I paid in case they thought there was something wrong with the food.

We headed straight back to the car and left Daughter there to hopefully have a sleep while O and I spent an hour in the nearby park. At the end of the carpark near the park gate there is a paneled wall that has been painted on, must have been a mural painting project of some time ago as lots of the paint is now flaking but we both enjoyed looking at it all on the way in and out of the park.

Couldn't leave Daughter any longer as we had to collect the girls, so we went back to the car with O taking a lovely golden leaf as a present for mummy. Collected the girls then dropped E at choir on our way back.  Daughter went straight home to bed and hubby then took over E's transport needs for the evening.

Saturday lunchtime I suddenly started to feel unwell, my stomach wouldn't stop gurgling and rumbling and I couldn't eat anything. I had the total shivers and ended up under a pile of blankets. Headache and my legs were has someone declared germ warfare? Hope you are fighting fit.....but best stay on guard!


Hannah said...

Oh dear! I hope you're all feeling much better soon x

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Thank you Hannah. Daughter is back to normal today so I should be tomorrow. xx