Saturday, 6 October 2012

Hunting the house.......

I know it's only a bit of paper but losing anything I know I had is always so much bigger!
I used to be so organised and so meticulous about storing stuff, admittedly storing far too much stuff as I'm a total hoarder. However if you wanted something I would always know if I had it or not and exactly where it was!  Seems not any more!

Last year our art group was invited to join a local exhibition. I was the organisers point of contact and was sent all the relevant paperwork by email. I printed and copied enough for all our members and spares and added a covering letter offering to submit our forms and payments together and to get all our paintings checked in and out at the appropriate times. I listed everything they need to do like labelling and wrapping.........and mostly it all worked just fine.

This year it's happening again and the organisers haven't left me much time to sort out my members so the easiest for me would be to adjust the dates on last year's letter but could I find it, no I could not. I hunted on every computer and memory stick, I'd typed it out so why wasn't it saved somewhere?  I hunted through all my bags and boxes that I would use for art looking for the spare paper copies which would also save me lots of printer ink as most of the pages are the same......but couldn't find them either.

So with little time left I typed up another covering letter and decided I needed 20 copies of it and each of the three pages I had on the email. That entailed using a combination of the three rescued and repaired printers, the running out of ink on the easiest one (almost having to empty the cupboard to discover no spare black cartridge), the running out of paper on the one on the shelf high enough for me to need the toddler step out of the bathroom, and having to wait for hubby to get home to sort out the settings on the third because that's on a shelf too high for me even with the step, and finally needing to use the scanner too. I'm so glad I don't work in an office anymore!

Handed out the forms Thursday evening and now fingers crossed it all goes to plan and someone sells something.

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