Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Winter draws on...

That title is another of my mum's little sayings that always made us giggle, but I don't think anyone these days would call knickers 'drawers' so maybe nobody would get the pun. But it makes me think of mum and smile so that's all that matters really :)

The last few days have been all fog and drizzle and although not cold yet it definitely feels like winter is on the way and I need to think of indoors, snuggle down, fun things to do both for me and for when the children are here and getting a bit shut-in crazy.

Nothing knitting or sewing just now, so need a new project?
Got loads of books waiting to be read at times when I'm sitting all alone (and hubby doesn't come in and put the TV on).
I've got a scrap-collage rainbow box half done, to be getting on with too.

For screen time if I have a child on one-to-one, maybe I'll have a look through BBC Bitesize with them.
I've also started a monthly ideas and challenge list that we can all take part in. I've done it in a sort of lap-book folder style, with a top sheet that can list what we have done and has space underneath to stick photo evidence or more detail.

There is usually a reasonable amount of baking done so hopefully my freezer will benefit and if it's not a wet winter there will still be lots of outdoor days.

Meanwhile there will be Christmas to plan for but first I've a Halloween menu to come up with.

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