Friday, 19 October 2012

Time flies.....

It's true that time is so relative to what and how we feel about our actions. This week I met up with my old work friends and still find it hard to believe that I took forced redundancy three and a half years ago, although it usually feels like I've been a lady of leisure all my life as I love this lifestyle and can barely remember the daily ritual of alarm clocks and office routines.

There's an art exhibition coming up and stuck for ideas of something new to put in I decided to unframe a previous pastel and improve it. I used to sign my paintings with my initials and year, and this one is 19 years old, that surprised me, hopefully I've improved my techniques since then and improved it to something others will enjoy and may even purchase ;-)

I'm now thinking about printing up a monthly "challenge" chart for me, the children and anyone else that may want to join in. Sometimes I feel like time has disappeared and what have I achieved, so I think I'll list things to give me/us a nudge. When I've thought it through a little more and come up with a plan I'll blog this space!

And yesterday was finally to the dental appointment I've waited a month for, how long that month has seemed, painful tooth and two lots of antibiotics needed and now the tooth is out. Let's hope the healing time just whizzes by.

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