Saturday, 28 January 2012

Instant decision...

Life went a bit manic here on Thursday....9:30am got a call from SisterM "I'm on my mobile so can't chat, we want to book a holiday and thinking of Florida, if you both come too we can get a package deal of flydrive with villa, what do you think?" I said I'd check with Hubby when he got home and email our free dates, she hung up!!!!!! Daughter arrived (full of cold) with the children, left E and O and went off with R shopping - R was running her own cafe here for lunch and had written the menu so had to buy the right stuff - then Hubby got home said yes so I text yes to SisterM and emailed our free dates in February and March.

Next call was SisterM asking for dates as she was already in a travel agents in Lakeside and obviously couldn't get to her email. Well to cut a long and confusing story of many phonecalls (even while I'm helping O do a wee) it was all booked and paid for before I'd finished my cafe lunch (which was excellent).......we go in just 3 weeks time!!!!!!!!!!!!! My head is still spinning hahahaha

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