Wednesday, 18 January 2012

More excuses.....

Seem to be having a bit of a blogging block just now and I blamed the power lead but have borrowed my Daughter's lead now while a new one is on order, so this week I fully intended to write lots when I was hit by one of my famous winter head colds. I don't really know anyone else who gets laid up by a cold like I do or anyone who gets through so many boxes of tissues, cold sore ointment and menthol sweets as I do! From the neck down I'm fine, so it's not flu it's just a cold, but I so wish I could just leave my head in the bath and collect it when it's better. This is day six and it actually feels like it may be on its way out at last.................typed that too soon as just had to stop typing for a major coughing fit arrgghhhhhhh

Thursday evening I was fine, went out to my art group then onto our follow-on drinking hole to meet friends. Friday morning there it was, a full on head cold, no gradual build up, no warning just woke up with it :o(
Daughter had arranged to come and make dinner with her children for us anyway and when she saw me she insisted I sit and do nothing (bless her). She had to quickly throw together a sausage casserole (which was yummy) because all three children had chosen to make a different dessert, so yes we had three desserts. Daughter had sorted out timings really well and set the children playing ready to call in one at a time. So when she had got the casserole on she called O to make his cake first so he could then take a nap, R was next so her dark chocolate mousse had plenty of time to set and then E got called in to make her glazed mango upside down cake (she cooks unaided now). Meanwhile Daughter iced O's cake while he was asleep, he wanted it to be 'a present' like he had seen in his cookery book, so it was covered with white ready rolled icing, that had in fact stuck to itself so needed rolling (I could hear the cursing from the other room) then coloured some icing red and made a ribbon and bow. Dinner was really good and we totally enjoyed both R and E's desserts while O slept. When he woke he was thrilled with his cake but only wanted to eat a little himself and take the rest home :o)

Yesterday my wonderful Daughter popped in with O and brought two lovely bunches of tulips to cheer me up wrapped in lovely wrapping paper too along with some hot cross buns  :o)

The only other news this week is that Hubby went out and bought himself a new car.....but the least said about that the better really!

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