Sunday, 1 January 2012

First day = pain? .......

First day of 2012 and a very late start for me as I was far too cosy and comfy to get out of bed, well we had had a late night seeing in the new year and I'd had a few more drinks than I'm recently used to ;o)

Anyway, just enjoying coffee, a couple of christmas muffins for breakfast and a quick check on the laptop when Daughter text to say they had a mountain of food leftover from her party and did we want to share lunch with them. We said yes and Hubby said we should walk over so we arranged to meet them in a park half way between us so the children got some fresh air too. Distance between the houses is about 2 miles but it is a bit hilly and takes me about 45-55mins.

The weather is really mild and it was lovely to get out of the house, (feel like I've been house-bound and cooking for a very long time). When we got to the park we met us with Daughter and only O with her as the other children had refused to leave the house, in fact they had refused to even get dressed! So O had a good play on everything and scootered a bit on the way home, although he was disappointed that he couldn't use his scooter on a skateboard half pipe we went past, game for anything our 2 year old hahaha. As most of the walk from there was uphill O did get a ride in Granddad's arms for a while, then walked a bit more, carry from Mummy for a while, walked a bit more then a flying angel from Granddad for the last bit.

We had a lovely lunch with 7 of us round the table that was heaving with food that we seemed to all plough through but make only a minor difference to! Then a lovely relax in the lounge with the children watching TV or playing on M's iPad or iPhone (same game on both) and even O took a turn and can follow instructions really well. E had baked some lemon and poppy seed muffins from her new cookery book and I had one of those (and it was yummy), then it was time to head home. Of course that's the time for it to start raining and getting home nearly an hour later meant we were both quite soggy, but we had both enjoyed the walk.

So now after a couple of mugs of tea and being curled up on the sofa with my laptop I can honestly say I don't really want to move as I've stiffened up so much I know it's gonna hurt and probably will hurt more tomorrow! So roll on good weather and more walks as I need to get these old bones moving more often....till then I'll get Hubby to bring me some of the festive chocolates we have hidden  :o)

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