Saturday, 21 January 2012

The holy grail....

...or the perfect bra!!!
As I'm now down again to one black bra that is losing its stretch and two slightly greying white bras it's time to go on the dreaded hunt again!

On a walk round the main lingerie departments in the high street there are rows and rows of pretty, sporty, lacy, colourful, sexy or perfectly functional boob supports on display that I will lovingly and longingly run my eye over and my eager hands through looking for my size, but I'm usually disappointed. Or I'll find what I think is my size and try it on only to discover that this brand is very definitely not my shape  :o(

I know I'm not your average size but I can't be the only short woman of very ample proportions that has this problem. All I need is to be supported enough not to bounce around without having wires digging into my ribcage, but all large sized soft bras are designed really old-lady-ish and I would so love to look good too.

Changing rooms are never quite big enough are they? And some don't even have a seat and I always like to sit as I'm short waisted so the wire on a bra may sit perfectly when I'm standing but really dig into the top of my ribs when sitting. I do own a couple of beautiful bras that are ideal for the standing around all night cocktail party, but we don't get invited to many of them and my feet would than object and shoes is another big issue that would need a blog all their own! Actually now I'm thinking more of my recent grumbles I should be including my hair style or lack of, as I hate it just now and not sure what to try next.......maybe I need a total makeover but think even Gok Wan would have a real challenge hahaha

Anyway let's just tackle one thing at a time, so today I'm back on the online shopping trail to see what is available now and maybe order hundreds to try on at home, then by the law of averages I'm bound to find something that fits my requirements....please!!!

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