Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Nearly back to normal....

2nd January is Daughter's birthday so they were all here for a full roast dinner and I'd got all four children to decorate her birthday cake. Desperate to avoid the arguments of previous years, mainly of the "she did more than me" or "they've used all the sprinkles I wanted to use" or I can't reach because it's pulled nearer to them" variety I made a large rectangle cake and cut it into four quarters for them each to do their own and then with butter icing I put all four together and added candles and happy birthday signs (it looked good and I hope someone managed to get a photo of it because I forgot).

Yesterday Daughter and I left the men with the children and had our annual day together in town to shop in the sales for her birthday present clothes from us. Some years we do better than others and this year was one of the better ones. Only two things could have spoilt the day and they were really heavy rain and my bad choice of lunch, so apart from coming home soggy and hungry it was a really lovely mother-daughter time together. Actually achieved a bit more while child free as Daughter needed to sort out her porch storage system so we shopped for some large lidded plastic boxes and she sorted and cleaned and rearranged at her house before we heading home. We finished the day off with a yummy Chinese takeaway mmmmmm.

Today Hubby and I have de-Christmased our home. All decorations down and boxed and in the loft and everywhere cleaned, dusted and vacuumed. So apart from finishing up the leftover festive goodies and sorting out my social calender I'm all back to normal.

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