Saturday, 27 February 2016

Under the weather.....

.....understatement! In fact under-a-blanket for nearly two weeks!

So many people around me are dropping like flies, all symptoms sounding similar, some mild and others more severe.

I'd been coughing for a few days, just a dry irritation, nothing more than annoying. We managed a lovely family meal out lunchtime for Hubby's birthday on the 14th, sadly O was ill that day so he and M stayed home, he was ill the next day too then better. Son also told us he had been ill all the week before, which started just as his fiancé and her mother were recovering. That Tuesday Daughter and O were off to Baylham Rare Breeds Farm to cuddle the new lambs and I went with. O was thrilled when we arrived as his best friend was there, so they had a quick play together before they had to leave.

It was so bitterly cold that day! So a lovely cuddle then a quick walk round half of the farm and headed to the tea rooms which were packed so we came straight home stopping to buy cake!

Tea, cake and chatting in my toasty warm house, then after they went home the shivers started! For the next week I've had sweats, shivers, coughing non stop, loss of appetite (actually lost 7lb in 7 days!), going to bed at 8pm some days but coming downstairs onto the sofa at 3-4am most mornings so my coughing didn't keep hubby awake. I've had a splitting headache that has made wearing my specs painful so couldn't even amuse myself online. Plus at the same time I'd managed to culture a nasty fungal rash which was very sore.

All this time Hubby seemed to be developing a sore throat and cough but ignored it mostly as he had some important charity events he needed to get through and look after me of course.

I'd had to miss a theatre matinee, an art night, a meal out with friends and my first physio appointment  :-(

Eventually got an appointment with my doctor who confirmed I had a chest infection and started me on antibiotics, also prescribed a strong cream for the rash and assured me I wasn't contagious so I braved out Wednesday evening as my friendM was having one of her famous music nights. The buffet was amazing and I managed to eat a little.

Thursday three of us were meeting up with a fourth friend we haven't seen for ages and we'd booked the restaurant months ago, but on the day she phoned to cancel as she'd been struck down with this dreaded lurgy too!


Michelle said...

Nasty bugs and viruses :-(. Hope you feel stronger soon. Don't overdo it with that chest infection! Took me a loooong time to get over mine (ten years ago - I got put on a nebuliser in hospital which was amazing. And got told off for not seeing GP earlier.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Thank you and thanks for the advice x