Friday, 12 February 2016

Small, medium, large.......

......or one size fits all :-)

Last night along with four female friends we joined a very packed hall for an evening with Ryan Gooding, physic medium. I've been to a few of these before, first time with this guy, and I always come away not knowing if I believe or not.

I think deep down we all want to believe and would get great comfort from a direct connection with lost love-ones, in fact then they wouldn't be lost at all. However last night even though Ryan definitely made an impact on some of the audience, giving them what sounded like specific details of people, past or future, most of it could relate to many of us. Like asking older people if they had a parent in spirit, most said yes but when someone said no he said oh it must be your grandfather not your father then that's here with me now.

A couple of funny moments came, one when he told a lady that one of her close friends is having an affair that nobody knows about yet and Ryan said she would meet the secret boyfriend and even gave her the boyfriend's name and said she must warn her friend to be honest with husband and secret boyfriend as she will be found out! Made us all wonder if her naughty friend was in the audience, that would have been awkward!

The other time we all laughed was when he spoke to a lady about her being pregnant and she said it was all his fault as she'd seen him some months ago and he'd told her she was pregnant two weeks before she found out herself. Ryan is so obviously gay and saying it was his fault was even funnier :-D

He actually picked me out to speak to but said nothing specific. When I said "yes I suppose so" to something vague he said maybe it's more for the lady next to you! He then said he'd tell her something privately at the end. He came back to me to give me good news about a future for someone close to me (think he needed to end on a positive) but then said "...this will finally restore her confidence as she'd lost her way for some time", to this I shook my head as the person in question has always been the most confident person ever......he quickly moved on!

At the end, quietly at the front of the room, he told my friend that sometime in the future she will suffer with "women's problems". She came away quite worried, although what percentage of us older women will suffer the same?

Meanwhile, three of our men had spent their evening at the snooker hall, said they'd had a good time and joined us afterwards so we could all have a drink together. We had plenty to talk about lol.

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