Saturday, 13 February 2016

Theatre: End of the Rainbow.....

London 1968 – and Judy Garland is about to make her comeback… again. Battling a tornado of drugs and alcohol, she undertakes an exhausting series of concerts at the Talk of the Town in order to re-claim her crown as the greatest talent of her generation.

Some famous tv names in it that I immediately recognised are Lisa Maxwell, Gary Wilmot and Sam Attwater.

This was absolutely brilliant, tragic, hilarious and very sad.
Lisa Maxwell brought Judy Garland back to that stage and has the most amazing voice I never knew she had. She'd captured so many of her mannerisms too. Gary and Sam are both exceptional actors and the three together bounced off and supported each other wonderfully.

I highly recommend it if you're near Colchester, Essex before 20th February or if it tours anywhere near you.


Michelle said...

They're creating a new theatre near us. £4m project. I'm hoping it will mean we get some decent productions such as the ones I read about here. Nothing good ever comes to our area at the moment.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Fingers crossed for you Michelle x