Tuesday, 8 March 2016

And out the other side (almost)..........

Whatever that bug/virus/lurgy was it certainly took its toll, but it's almost gone yaay!

Recently I've been getting back to normal and I've managed lunch out with x-work friends, although I had to choose a starter to have when they all had main courses as my appetite was still poor.

Last Thursday I went to art group having missed the one two weeks before so that was good.

Saturday a friend of more than 40 years celebrated a big birthday with a tea party at her house and we felt really honored to have been invited, so I was thrilled that we made it and thoroughly enjoyed it. They were also very pleased that we'd thought to take our big urn which saved them lots of kettle boiling.

Sunday was mother's day of course and Daughter came over with O and E and she cooked dinner for us all, which was yummy and a real treat. Son not only sent my card in time (very unusual) but phoned me that evening for a long chat which was lovely.

And yesterday was the monthly coffee morning. A small one this time with just seven of us.

Today I'm pottering around the house, waiting for my GP to ring (can't book appointments in advance but we can book a phone call, odd eh) as after the bug thing I've still got this persistent headache :-(

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