Saturday, 12 December 2015

Theatre: Holy Mackerel........

It's already been a busy Monday (forgot this was sitting in draft) with Coffee Morning for our neighbours in the morning then a quick turn around so neighbourC and I could spend the afternoon having our nails done, my poor nail technician had a hard job getting all that glitter varnish off. A brief gap between then dinner and then I'm out again!

OK Christmas can begin now as we have been to the Eastern Angles "panto", Holy Mackerel, which is usually the first festive thing I do (although we did have our first Christmas dinner last Friday)

Five actors who could sing and act and play musical far so good,
a story based on truth of how the East Anglian fishermen caused riots in a religious Cornwall by fishing on a Sunday.....still good,
some very funny innuendos.....that's good too.

The script was very repetitive to the point of being boring.....not good,
the seats were sooo uncomfortable.....more not good,
the story ended a good ten minutes earlier than we were allowed to leave because they dragged it out with a pointless finale......worse than not good.

But all that being said, I do love a night at the theatre with friends.

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Michelle said...

I now think about my attendance at things based on whether the seats are comfortable. Fortunately our cinema has excellent seats. The folk club does not.