Thursday, 10 December 2015

A wonderful wedding......

Sunday 6 December and one of my oldest friends (she's not old but we have been friends for almost ever) celebrated the wedding of her first son and we were invited to celebrate with them. About 12 years ago we all celebrated the wedding of her second son and I haven't met up with her family and mutual friends since then (although we do keep up with some news on facebook).

Hubby and I left home at noon looking like this

And drove to Maida Vale in London and managed to park (at about 2:30pm) on the road right near the oldest surviving synagogue in the UK, Bevis Marks, where the wedding ceremony was taking place at 3pm. Men and women sit separately and as I was saying my hellos to the few people I know I was hoping Hubby was ok as he knows a lot less people here than I do.

The Bima (raised central platform) had its columns packed with white flowers and the chuppah (canopy) was white lace
which looked beautiful against all the dark wood, unfortunately I was three rows back and behind a pillar so a very restricted view. I've saved all the photos that have popped up on facebook as I was never in the right position to get good photos myself (love social media).

From there we drove to Park Lane for the reception, and gave two of friendH's Israeli relations a lift too. As The Four Seasons Hotel is right near the Winter Wonderland now open over Christmas the whole area was really busy so Hubby dropped the three of us outside the hotel and went off to find somewhere to park the car.

I was greeted in the foyer by the groom who after a big hug introduced me to his bride "this is my mum's best friend, Aunty Beryl, and we all love her" how wonderful is that! His bride kissed me and said "I'm so pleased you are now my Aunty Beryl", made me smile.

Up to the first reception area on the first floor where filled champagne glasses were laid out, each one had a card disc with our names and table number. I just started sipping when Hubby arrived having parked in the Hilton underground car park nearby. We moved into another large reception room and stood chatting with more old friends for drinks and some exceptional hors d’Ĺ“uvre.

Into the ballroom and we found our places at large round tables of 12.
The menu to come was

We started with dancing and speeches, and there was lots more of that between each course. Dessert was proceeded by an amazing violinist who was followed by staff holding each dessert with its own firework

truly spectacular!

We knew six of our table companions (the groom's family) and it was really interesting getting to know the other four. My new shoes had been quite comfortable all day, however my feet are prone to swelling so just before dessert (thankfully the car was close enough) Hubby got my flat shoes for me to do a swap under the table ahhhhh!

Then aware of our long drive home we said our goodbyes to those we could find (very crowded) about 11pm-ish and had a lovely drive through the West End and South Bank (due to road works diversion) looking at all the pretty Christmas lights and got home at 1am. We'd had a wonderful day. Muzel Tov to the Bride and Groom.


Michelle said...

That. Is. Amazing.

Absolutely incredible. Wow. That must rank up as the best wedding ever.

Though I confess to disappointment. You started your post with a photo of the two of you leaving your house looking so immaculate and the wording was such that I expected to find at the end a photo of how you looked arriving home again, all dishevelled!

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Of course we got home worse for wear but somethings can be left to the imagination hahaha. A truly amazing wedding and on a par with his brother's wedding 12 years earlier which was held in Marbella and for us a four day event.

Michelle said...

I don't like weddings as a rule (tedious things with lots of family stresses). But I'd probably be able to enjoy a bash like that. Especially as none of my family would be involved! I love my family but not all together. Way too anxiety inducing.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

I know what you mean but thankfully I don't do stress after the organising stage (if that doesn't involve me all the better) and love big family/friends events.....Any excuse for a party hahaha