Friday, 18 December 2015

It's party time, refined and raucous..........

FriendN had been planning celebrating her 60th for some time and held a ladies only afternoon tea for about 65 of her relations and friends
Scones with cream and jam came round too and the tea pots were constantly being refilled. She'd been collecting all the fancy china from charity shops. It was so lovely. Everyone having a good chat and as well as friends I do keep in touch with there were friends there from over 30 years ago, so a great time for catchups too. Some of our men had gone together to 10 pin bowling and we all met back at friendN's house and eventually left giving their eldest a lift home as he lives right near us so saved him needing a lift to the station and a train and walk home. 

I've had lunch out this week with two ladies I've known for 25 years, we met when one was a student with me for art A-level, and the other was our teacher. Over the years we've lost touch with the other students but the three of us have always managed our pre-Christmas get together. 

Another evening out for a full Christmas dinner at a lovely hotel. We were quite noisy hahaha. A waiter took this photo just before we left

Our last art group meeting this week and we all took nibbles in to share, and cards to swap, and one lady always makes a gift to hang on our tree, this year's was a small rosemary circle tied with red ribbon. 

Tonight I'm meeting up with another old friend. Because I booked our table in September for their "festive fare" we get 30% discount - yippeee

Tomorrow night BfriendM is hosting a Christmas dinner for our usual crowd so I've made my famous cheesecake for dessert as I've promised her partner another baked cheesecake as he says mine beat any he's ever had! Bless him, flattery always goes a long way :-)


Michelle said...

Love the look of that birthday celebration. One of my favourite weddings was my friend's and she wanted cream tea so after the ceremony (held in a country house) we had cream tea on the lawns. It was fab :-).

It's my friend's 50th on Jan 2nd. Must come up with some easy ideas to contribute (theme is silver and purple).

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Emma's wedding reception included a full West Country cream tea as we were in Dorset. Enjoy the 2nd, my daughter and I will be celebrating her birthday by hitting the sales that day as we do every year.

Michelle said...

The 2nd isn't the actual day (hers is the 5th) but nearest Saturday to celebrate and better before term starts than afterwards.

Michelle said...

So many fabulous people with January' birthdays!

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Wasn't my most comfortable/enjoyable Christmas that year being so heavily pregnant......but worth it of course :-)