Tuesday, 8 December 2015

No time for jetlag! .......

As you know we landed early hours Wednesday and straight to bed, up about 11am-ish I think. I managed to unpack everything and get a wash on. That evening I ate out in Felixstowe as usual, actually not totally as usual because they have refurbished our pub, no longer have a large round table and put the prices up but we'll still go there! Hubby was out bowling as he usually does on a Wednesday too.

Thursday was also a usual night out for me but not our usual art night as we had a demonstration of water colour techniques of how to paint water by the very clever Claudia Myatt. FriendDJ hasn't been too well recently but he wanted to make it to art so I picked him up and he loved the demo but needed to go home straight afterwards. FriendM and I then went on to Olive's Bar and met the others there for drinks and live music. We don't get there till after 10pm so another very late night.

I know during the days there has been lots of laundry processing and coffee breaks with neighbours, having to rescue my nails that hadn't been done for a month and disguise the growth gap which I could thankfully do with glitter varnish as it's party season (think it worked quite well)
and other stuff I can't really remember now, oh we did some gardening too and during the day Friday we had O while Daughter did the four hour round trip to collect R who had been with her dad for the week having an early Christmas, E and O had been with Daughter at their HE Christmas camp till Thursday night so that's why we hadn't seen them till Friday. When she got back it was a quick cup of tea catchup then wave them off so we could get ready for another night out. This was my x-work team Christmas dinner

I love it that we all still meet up even though we stopped working together more than six years ago.

Saturday morning Daughter was picking me up to take R to drama and so together with O we could be in the audience for the end of term performance. Unfortunately R was feeling quite unwell and tearful, so in the end we gave her paracetamol, left O with Hubby and the three of us drove to drama, she didn't feel any better when we got there so Daughter went in to explain and leave her costume there for the understudy. We actually came home and left R on the sofa under a blanket and took O out to see the local church Crib Festival (we all loved it, hope it becomes an annual event)

See we haven't stopped, so busy in fact that we are struggling to find any time to catchup with recorded tv programmes and we are running out of sky-planner space hahaha. 

It didn't stop there, as Sunday was a very big wedding day in London but that will get a post of its own. 

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