Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Christmas 2015......

The day before (known as Christmas Eve to most people but this one didn't involve E) and Daughter invited us to join them at Suffolk Food Hall for hot drinks and cake. When we got there O was already bouncing on the outdoor bouncy pillow thing

But it was too chilly for us all to stay outside for long so inside and a mix of teas, latte, hot chocolate and a milkshake plus cakes and although it was really busy there we got seats yaay. Afterwards O very quickly got bored of looking round the gifty/crafty/household stuff and dragged Granddad outside for more bouncing while Daughter, R and I did the farm food shop and I got some focaccia and another gift Hubby chose for himself. All back to our house and eventually we got tomorrow's veg prepped

Christmas Day and my one and only Christmas LP has to play as it has done every Christmas morning for as long as we've been married, even though we now have long gone past records, cassettes and even CDs and Hubby likes using his digital download on a memory stick. ...but he willingly rearranges all the entertainment equipment wiring so our record deck can come through the speakers this one morning every year!

I'm sure the rest of our Christmas day is much the same as almost everyone else's so I won't need to repeat all that just be pleased to know that Daughter&co all came, dinner was delicious (everyone said so) and everyone loved all their gifts. Daughter hand stitched this one for Hubby and I and it made me cry a little

We played a game and I won even though I didn't understand (and still don't) how to play! Quite a while after they went home Hubby and I had our Christmas pudding as we were all too full to have dessert after starter and main course.

Boxing Day and I spent all morning rearranging food so the huge amount of leftovers were frozen in suitable ways. The afternoon I managed to do some crafting.

Sunday Daughter came over so O could have a bath, then she "nipped" out with Hubby to buy a microwave, O and I played games. About an hour later Daughter text to say now heading back but they didn't actually arrive here for another hour as her girls had messaged to say could they have a lift into town so she'd done lots of driving and collecting and dropping off. While she was here she got a message from some second cousins saying they were now hoping to come to our family day here tomorrow....so when Daughter and O went home I shot out to buy three more gifts as they hadn't been included in the secret Santa list. I'd just finished wrapping the extra gifts when I get another message to say that actually they can't come!!! So some housework, furniture rearranging for tomorrow and a lovely long phone call from our Son and I never got back to my crafting at all.

Bank Holiday Monday (as Boxing Day was a Saturday) and this is my whole family day. If you follow my ramblings you'll know we do this every year and more recent years it's been held here. There were 28 of us this time (2 who never come, 2 too unwell to come and 4 children who couldn't come for various reasons) so a lovely noisy full house.

This isn't everyone as some are just never in the right place when I snap! Everyone contributes to the buffet table and as usual the table was heaving! My children, a sibling, an in-law, nieces, nephews,  great nephew, great nieces and lots of their partners......My lovely lovely family :)

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