Friday, 26 September 2014

Theatre: Midsummer Songs......

Excellent performance last night that the three of us all enjoyed. Well done Wolsey!

Book and Lyrics by / Peter Rowe
Music by / Ben Goddard

“Wherever we are in 25 years, we'll come back and create the B side”

Twenty-five years ago a group of friends celebrated the end of their university careers with a wild week in a barn half-way up a mountain in West Wales. A week of madness, mayhem and music, recorded on a C90 cassette and buried in a biscuit tin at the top of a hill with a pledge – “Wherever we are in twenty-five years’ time we’ll come back here on Midsummer’s Eve and create the B side”.

And now we see those old friends return, a little rounder, a bit more rueful but with their passion for life, love and music still smouldering inside.

As the biscuit tin gives up its secrets, old passions catch fire, past resentments return and the songs begin to fly. Will this reunion change their lives? Will the album ever be finished? And what on earth can they play that cassette on?

This brand new musical is a celebration of friendship, survival and the power of song, written especially for a company of multi-skilled actor-musicians in the New Wolsey house style; with music like the ballads of Joni Mitchell and the summer feel good fun of Mumford and Sons.


Michelle said...

That sounds great. Wish they were going to tour the show.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Worth watching out for in case they ever do Michelle. Just a shame our theatre was half empty.