Thursday, 11 September 2014

Burnt sugar is smelly.....

O came over to use my bath and asked to stay while Daughter did some taxi-ing. He also asked to pop corn and cover it in toffee. I had the toffee recipe I used to make for toffee apples so I know it works but I halved the quantities and O wouldn't let me put vinegar in and I think I was nervous of boiling sugar with a five year old.....and it caught on the bottom of the pan just a little. We poured it over the popcorn anyway, I ate some, Daughter ate some, we bagged some for him to take home for his sisters, but O was not impressed. That was yesterday afternoon and 24 hours later the house still smells of burnt sugar :-(  I didn't bother taking a photo. 

On a more successful note, I've been gardening. Needing gloves over gloves I've cleared away a very spikey berberis and just as spikey rose bush suckers. I've also bought new and planted a dozen plants adding a bit of late summer colour, all inspired by our trip to Bressingham.

There's also been quite a bit of procrastination, especially when watching this beautiful spider work so hard creating this huge web for the second time.

Add to the successful list lots of ironing, bread making, having relatives over, meeting up with old friends, playing lots of scrabble online, and completing some crafts which I can't post a photo of or describe in case a certain person reads this before they receive it.

So now I think I'd better go look for another toffee/caramel recipe, maybe a foolproof one :-)


Michelle said...

I've just bought lots of bulbs this evening. They'll keep me busy tomorrow to pot them up and I can look forward to colour in the new year :-).

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Looking forward to photos in the spring then x