Sunday, 14 September 2014

Technology terrors again.....

Just one silly miss click and everything screws up!

I had an amusing little comment to make on someone's blog and typed it in, then clicked on the "send me follow ups to my email" box...then instead of clicking "publish" I mistakenly clicked on the "sign out" button grrrrrr. Annoying but no big deal I thought I'll just sign in again which worked fine for Google, Google+, my calender and my stored photos, documents, etc BUT on my playbook it won't open Blogger anymore! So I'm typing this on my little phone and having to keep scrolling around (so I'm not shut out completely).

I've tried clearing the cache and the cookies and the history, I've rebooted more than once, deleted the bookmark and tried typing in the url, and downloaded the BlackBerry Blogger app, and tried getting there the long way via Google+ having of course to reset all passwords on everything because of clearing the cache and cookies......No luck at all :-)

So I defrosted the freezer

Then made plum and onion chutney


Michelle said...

Hope you get the technology to behave soon. Defrosted freezer and lots of yummy chutney sounds good compensation.

My disaster this morning also due to not paying full attention. I accidentally had bought bathroom cleaner with bleach a while ago. I don't like the smell or effects of bleach so tend to avoid. Anyway I had been rushing at the supermarket and came home with it. To clean the bathroom I use old clothes torn into rags so I can just bin them. Old socks are great. This morning I went to the bath and saw the last person to use it hadn't cleaned it out (as is the house rule) and so I was a bit "grr will quickly do it myself", sprayed around and grabbed the towel about to go in the laundry to wipe off, not clicking the fumes meant bleach and now I have a turquoise towel with white blotchy patches :-(.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Oh no! I've ruined lots of tops with bleachy products splashing. Very very annoying.