Friday, 5 September 2014

Bressingham "All by myself".....

Hubby and I went with Daughter and O to Bressingham Steam Museum as part of a group booking with a Home Ed group. The girls are with their dad this week so O took full advantage of controlling the day his way.

Now old enough to ride the Carousel by himself he immediately used the first of the two rides his entrance tickets gives him and he wanted to be in this dragon seat all by himself. We then had a little meltdown when a mum and small child sat in with him so Daughter helped him move to the other identical seat, so he was then cross that he'd had help and not done it all by himself.....but after a few rounds of us smiling and waving each time he passed made him cheer up.

Then onto the train and again he was insisting on sitting alone, however the driver said he wouldn't start the train unless O had an adult with him (kept saying she and her tho).
So more tears and Daughter had to physically hold him in while we were moving and talk him round so we survived, but O insisted he wasn't going on that horrid train again. We all thought it would be a real struggle of a day!

O insisted on going up into the signal box alone and we were told where to stand until we were called. Of course he can't read so just watched the short video then called us in. Just as I climbed the stairs towards him I quietly said "You know we can't spend all day just waiting for you to call us, we are getting really bored" he said "OK" and then let Granddad show him how the signals work.

Then O used his second carousel ride. During the day he also used the two rides on each of our tickets :-)

We had a good wander round the lovely gardens and stopped for a picnic lunch, with Daughter and O on the blanket on the grass and us oldies on a bench. Then more investigation of the rest of the gardens.

O loved finding the hydrangea that had blooms as big as his head.

So many great photos to take that O pinched his mum's camera for quite a while too.

Even asking me to take a photo of him taking a photo of me :-)

We ended the day at the cafe (of course) with the rest of the group, us drinking tea while O was on the carousel,  and as one friend was leaving she asked if anyone wanted her tickets as the carousel rides hadn't been used, O jumped up immediately and accepted them with a thank you and a big grin....he rode 10 times in all, so we left with a happy boy.

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