Monday, 29 September 2014

A year and a centenary.....

Hard to believe that my op was a year ago! I've just had another full body CT Scan and I'll get the results when I see the consultant on 7th October. Can't help feeling a bit nervous till then but so pleased that they are still keeping a close eye on me.

Daughter and E are Tudors again for a few days, it's Michaelmas at Kentwell Hall, and the other three children are staying at home with M so hubby is doing the taxi service for R to and from her drama group.

Saturday evening we joined our neighbours at a local quiz night/social evening and we won the quiz yaay! There was a huge buffet, a chap singing most of the evening and a couple of entertainment interludes. All good fun. 

Unfortunately I had stomach pains and very little sleep that night. I hope it wasn't anything on the buffet or others might have suffered too. 

Anyway not wanting to let down bilA we went ahead with our Sunday as planned.  

We drove to Newbury Park and collected bilA at about 11am (ish) then drove right into London as there is no congestion charge at the weekend, and parked at a multi-story right near Tower Hill station which is only £2 for the whole day! And just across the road from the car park is the Tower Of London, the most beautiful, powerful, historic site in the whole of London in my opinion. I grew up and went to school near here and we often chose the Tower as a meeting place for friends (it was mostly free then).

But today we came to see the poppies, displayed in memory of World War 1, one hundred years ago...
Sorry for the poor photos, the sun was right in front of me :o(
There are still lots of volunteers adding to the display which will keep growing until remembrance day on 11th November when they will be sent out to the millions of people that have bought one. 
The weather was really hot, see so many people in t-shirts, and it's nearly the end of September!
Of course we had a 'Costa' stop then a walk around and stopped again outside a tapas bar on St Catherine's Dock where the men had beers and a light lunch and I had a glass of water!
Unfortunately, not feeling my best, I asked if we could cut the day shorter than we hoped it would be, so drove back to bilA's where Hubby had another cuppa then off home.
I did just manage half a cup of tea and one slice of toast then had a really early night and had a late(ish) morning and felt a whole lot better.
In case there is any confusion I had posted this once and two comments had been added then blogger lost it......then I found a half saved draft version!!! I think I've remembered roughly what I put the first time. So with fingers crossed I'll post this again.


Michelle said...

I loved the idea of the poppies. They look stunning too. But I do feel uncomfortable that the profits of the installation are mostly lining the pockets of rich individuals (the financial backers) than to good causes or permanent memorials.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

I totally agree Michelle, I didn't realise until I read it on the information plaque there that only 10% of the £25 paid for each poppy goes to charity. The website says "net proceeds"! Amazing to see though and I did feel like I was viewing something that would be written into future history books :-)

Michelle said...

Hoping to see it tomorrow :-). Just wish there was more transparency on things like this. Plus whilst I understand financial backers want to see a return, a project like this would appeal to companies who like to find these sorts of projects for tax purposes. Then the cost of the poppies could have gone down and maybe more would have sold. Not sure how many have been sold so far. I don't think they could have sold them all.

Incredible art installation though and conceptually brilliant.

Michelle said...

Hugs for the health bits, can't quite believe it's been a year either - hope you're feeling good. X

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Agree with your sentiments. Enjoy tomorrow. Thanks for the hugs :-) xx