Sunday, 25 November 2012

Yucky and yummy .....

When Daughter came over on the big baking day along with the ingredients she brought came a large pot of natural yoghurt that she popped in my fridge with every intention of taking home, but she forgot and I didn't see her again before it ran out of date. Well I really do not like yoghurt in any disguise either fruity flavoured or otherwise,  however I also hate waste.

So I hunted out the old recipe my sister always used for yogurt cake. SisterM had loved it's simplicity of using the yoghurt pot as the unit of measure and throwing all the ingredients into the bowl then mix then bake. I'd flavoured this batch with lemon extract but almost anything works well. This large pot of yoghurt and just enough self raising flour in the cupboard made three cakes in 2lb loaf tins and an extra bit in a 1lb loaf tin.

Of course that's when Daughter popped in with O, she was very pleased it got used and not binned and the little cake was cut into four and eaten almost straight from the oven, yummy! One has been sliced for this afternoon when Son and Fiancee are coming and two were wrapped and put in the freezer.

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