Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Plugged in and switched on.....

I really do love today's technology, for my own personal paperless (well greatly reduced) use and for social networking. For my age group I'm still impressed with myself for how I eagerly want to get stuck into each new bit of kit or software. I still don't like online games against the clock though!

Hubby and both of our children are very techy so it goes without saying that our grandchildren are too. As home educated children they use lots of the online resources, even the three year old knows his way around his favourite interactive sites and ipad games. Thankfully they all spend a lot of time away from a screen too.

Today while R was at her drum lesson and O had granddad outside with waterbombs E was using the laptop to chat to friends on Skype.  Now most of their friends (none of which live locally) use private chat groups, they often post what they have been doing to pass on good ideas, and of course it's getting easier for them to discuss and plan future projects they want to do together.

As for me I made bread, chollah, and O helped me shape rolls for lunch, plus a few emails to sort out where my friends and I are eating out tonight.

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