Thursday, 1 November 2012


Halloween for us took much the same format as it's always done, I really like building up traditions that the children will remember. We are happy giving out sweets to those that knock trick-or-treating but I've never let my children go and we don't let the grandchildren go either. So we have always done the pumpkin lanterns and decorated the table for a themed dinner then out in the dark with torches because we are so lucky to be right under the witches flight path and on a windy night their party goodies sometimes gets blown off the back of broomsticks right into our garden :-)

Dinner this year was swamp and seaweed with bones on the side (forgot to take a photo), washed down with magic potion that came out of the bottle fizzy and clear but poured into the glasses blue or red or yellow or green. Dessert was eyeballs and worms, slime tarts and white mice and some very odd mutant spiders!

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