Thursday, 22 November 2012

Man on his knees and girls in the kitchen......

Stupid title I know, but some days it's just brain freeze :-)

Tuesday Hubby had to spend all day replacing the carpet in the downstairs loo. Confined space with awkward bits to cut around and ours has shelves too that always seemed to be just above where his head needed to be. But sore knees and aching back were all worth it for a fresh clean floor. Thank you Hubby.

Yesterday Daughter came with all three children needing to bath and bake. I'm always impressed how she can be in the kitchen and bathroom when needed. I decided to stay out of the way until called for help. E made triple batch cheese thins, some to eat now, some frozen as dough to be Christmas presents and some frozen to cook for their Christmas camp. R made double batch marble cookies, some for camp and some for a present and saved a few aside for now. O made cookies too and also chocolate pecan brownies, some for camp and some for daddy and he left some very squidgy middle bits for us to eat up here. Mmmmm the house smelt so yummy :-)


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