Monday, 30 April 2012

First cut is the deepest.....

Or I could have called this "Fear is my best motivation".

I have a nice black coat that is a good fit and very useful in-between weight and has deep pockets and a hood, perfect.....except for one of those two-way zips that is a nightmare and has completely trapped me inside more than once, I have even been in a posh restaurant and had to push my coat downwards to step out of it, then had to go home freezing because I couldn't get back into it (actually very funny when I look back but not at the time). Having survived this winter just using the press-studs I'd decided that I need to make it into a button up coat. The four decorative buttons on the pockets are of course perfect for down the front.

So the project is to cut out the zip, reposition the buttons, cut and stitch four button holes and shorten the back of the hood (it comes right over my face). Yesterday, I carefully cut out the zip (not too bad as I hadn't used it for some time) and stitched the back of the hood. This morning I hunted the house for where I'd put the forth button when it fell off, somewhere safe to sew on again, somewhere very safe as it took me ages to find!

I measured and pinned where the button holes should go.......then I brought down the dirty washing and put the first load in the washing machine, then moved the coat along the sofa and checked my email and social networking sites again, unloaded the dishwasher and reloaded and ran it, then I cleaned all the kitchen paying special attention to the stainless steel sink, put a second load of washing on and hung the first lot upstairs on the clothes horse, went into the bathroom and washed my hair and brushed my teeth, then cleaned the bathroom, downstairs to make a coffee and took one out to hubby who is erecting a shed, sat with my coffee, looked at my coat, then heard the washing machine spin to a stop, so on with the third load and upstairs with the second, then out to check on hubby and see what time he wants lunch "now will do", so made lunch. After that I cleaned the dinning room, wrote out a birthday card and phoned a restaurant to book a table (for June), then it was 2:30 and my nail technician arrived so I sat for an hour being manicured and of course I can't do anything for a little while afterwards............then it's 4:30 so I cut four holes and sewed them around! Phew!!!

Really pleased with my rejuvenated coat, and my clean house  :o)


Hannah said...

Wow! I wish my procrastination stage was so efficient! This post made me giggle.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Giggle is good :o)