Wednesday, 25 April 2012


In a local church hall every Wednesday afternoon ladies get together to craft, and of course they call it Crafternoon :o)
A neighbour mentioned it to me at my first coffee morning and what with one thing and another it took till today for me to make it there. I was welcomed and made coffee and spent my time doing a little sewing and a lot of chatting which was lovely. Think I may become a regular there.

So glad that my day turned out with something enjoyable as I have to confess that due to my very forgetful brain I managed to miss a lunch date. It was organised some time ago by emails going between 5 of us and when the date was finally agreed I must have been distracted and totally forgot to add it to my online calender or my phone calender or even the big paper calender on the wall in the kitchen!!! Got a phone call at 12:30pm asking "Are you on the way?" but already being half hour late and knowing it would take me another half hour to get there (would have to wash my hair first) so I told them to go ahead without me - gutted  :o(
Emailed the gang afterwards and they've promised to arrange another lunch soon.

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