Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Can't forget today...

You'll be relieved to hear that one of the 'choosing' dilemmas is over. Saturday morning I shook hands on a car deal, I had finally made a choice and signed my name to the deal, although I have to admit that after two weeks of hubby and I trawling the internet for specs (making sure it will fit in the garage) and reviews (always good to get lots of driver's opinions) and traipsing round all the local dealers (have to spend time giving them a good poke around in all the right places) and test driving lots of cars (has to be done) and haggling with dealers lots and lots (has to be done too), that by Saturday morning I was so punch-drunk I would have bought just about anything just to make this recurring nightmare go away!

So today was the day for handing over my lovely and reliable red Peugeot that has done me very well for just over 10 years. I'd even got used to the very squeaky windscreen wipers! And in the pouring rain and wild wind I drove home my year old Citroen C3 Picasso. So far so good, even though the seat still needs a bit of fine adjustment and of course I need to get used to the extra controls that a newer car has directly on the steering column but hey all new things need to be played with!

Today is also special as it's little O's third birthday and they were all here this morning so he could unwrap all his presents, which he seemed to love (thank goodness). I made lunch of sandwiches with the crusts cut off and cut into small triangles and R set the table with the best plates and my fancy dishes and plates for the crackers, cheese, crisps and various dips and relishes. We followed that with birthday cake (made one last night) and O helped me put the candles on then sat back down quickly so I could carry it over lit for him to blow out. He so loves all the celebration of it :o)

And in the future, because of both events, I won't have to drag out the paperwork when someone needs to know "When did you buy this car?" Because it was on O's 3rd birthday of course!


Hannah said...

Well done on making a decision - it will feel like your own in no time, I'm sure.
Happy birthday to O :o)

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Passed on your wishes to O and he said thanks :o)