Friday, 13 April 2012

Pretending it was Sunday...

Yesterday was Thursday of course, but for us it was Easter Sunday.

R & E were away last weekend so we had delayed our usual Easter stuff until yesterday. All the paints were out to decorate the 30 hard boiled eggs and 30 polystyrene egg shapes I had ready and I'd brought back some little kits I'd found in Florida that were for dye dipping eggs and sponge painting and they were moderately successful. The girls also asked for my coloured permanent marker pens so they could draw freehand on the eggs too. I then added to those with the sparkly polystyrene eggs from previous years (about 8 of them left) plus the two egg shapes that Daughter had felted and the 6 fabric eggs I had made and sent Hubby and M out with a carrier bag each to hide them all around the was raining by then!!!

Children don't care if it's raining of course and they had a great time egg hunting. O had such fun that he even made E re-hide some eggs quite a few times so he could carry on searching!

Meanwhile I had the excuse of not to go out in the rain as I was cooking ;o)

When the children came in they found little cardboard nests for them on the table, each one filled with a home-made hollow egg of mini-eggs and two little golden chocolate rabbits and a knitted chicken that laid mini eggs too (that caused lots of excited giggles). Plus they each had a squishy, stretchy, rubber chick that lit up and flashed when bounced. They all seemed totally happy with their goodies.

Dinner was the full leg of lamb roast and it was really yummy, even if I say so myself.
Had to keep reminding myself it wasn't a Sunday!


Hannah said...

Aww lovely!
You must have a very large garden to hide so many eggs!

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Not enormous but quite spacious. We have trees and a climbing frame with slide so can hide on different levels which helps. Usually some weeks afterwards we find one or two hard boiled that were missed on the hunt phwah yuk!!!