Saturday, 12 May 2012

What shall I wear? ...

Haven't had anything special to blog about this week, not that I haven't been busy but it's been all the usual  stuff.

Extra busy today as Daughter with R & E have gone all costumed up to an all day meeting for the Tudor re-enactment they are doing this summer, so O stayed behind with me and Hubby. He will do the Tudor week with them but would cause havoc at an all day meeting, and I have to say we have had a lovely day just the three of us, no havoc at all. The weather has been great so Hubby and O spent ages out in the garden this morning and the three of us went for a very long walk through nature reserves and woods and play park.

Tomorrow, according to the weather forecasters, is supposed to be much the same as today. We are off to a family surprise 60th BBQ party. Walking around today needed a cardigan  but not a coat, however, I think it might get a bit chilly just sitting outside and of course there is the slight chance of a shower. So....what shall I wear? We need to drive for an hour and half to pick up a sister and brother-in-law then drive for another hour and half to get to the venue so no nipping home for extra layers.


Hannah said...

Lots of layers and an umbrella would be my choice, although I'm a little late seeing your post. I hope you had a lovely time :o)

MumB / @mumbosh said...

I must have read your mind Hannah. I wore layers and took socks and scarf in my bag too. But actually the venue had to change last minute and the BBQ became a buffet and even though the sun was shining we spent most of the time inside hahaha.