Saturday, 19 May 2012

Home alone...

I've got a 'home alone' weekend as hubby has gone on his annual walking weekend with a bunch of blokes, they are in Sussex somewhere so not too far away. My neighbour 'home alone wife' and I did the ritual waving on the drive at 9am yesterday till they were out of sight then nipped into her house for our 'freedom' coffee break and chat.

Daughter and O came over for a few hours while the girls attended a workshop on plants/woodlands/gardening or something similar. Poor O is full of cold with a really runny nose, barking cough and very heavy red eyes. Felt so sorry for him. When most of us would curl up under a duvet he just kept going and going and going till he finally collapsed on the sofa and slept for a while. Actually daughter and I both realised this must be his first 'unwell for days' in his whole 3 years (apart from teething) which is amazing!

I have a bit of a busy day Sunday with E, collecting her from home when she phones me then escorting her to music school and afterwards to trampolining while daughter is with R at an all-day dancing competition.

So today the plan was no plan, have a lazy self indulgent day. Actually I haven't been totally lazy as there were a few usual jobs that needed doing, plus I've managed to complete a lovely montage of photos of my 2 lovely children - I'd done a large framed collection of photos of our daughter for her birthday party a couple of years ago, for her friends to see and since then I've been meaning to add all my favourite images of our son to it, which I did today, took a lot of hunting through old photos and rearranging and I'm glad it's done but not totally sure it's back secure on the wall. Ohhhh knew I'd wish hubby was here!........actually I'm now sitting with a dinner I like that he wouldn't and holding the remote control for a change so you decide <giggle>

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