Thursday, 1 January 2015

Where did that year go?.....

...We say it every 31st December as it ticks towards 1st January and last night was no different.

I've said Happy New Year thousands of times on Facebook, Twitter, emails, text, WhatsApp, messenger and in person but in case you missed it
and wishes for a healthy and happy 2015.

We spent the evening as we've done for the last four or five years with our friends-next-door P&A and a Chinese takeaway.  The only problem was the 2.5 hours it took for the food to arrive,  I think they'd forgotten our order as it arrived 20 mins after Hubby chased them! But it didn't really matter as we had plenty of nibbles, drink and flowing conversation.

Don't read on further expecting new year's resolutions because I can't see the point of making the same promises each year that I'm unlikely to keep and inevitably then get very cross with myself for being so weak willed,  yes that has happened often enough for me to learn not to bother in the first place,  but that being said I will be pleased when the delicious but totally unnecessary heap of goodies are all gone and we can get back to a healthier eating regime.  And I need to work out a way of keeping my blog written along with writing in the beautiful hand bound journal I unwrapped from a friend (aiming for it to carry more personal stuff than I choose to put here) and read what is written by all the blog-friends I like to keep tabs on, plus play all the WordsWithFriends games I need to keep my brain active,  while not sitting on the sofa all day as my body definitely would benefit from a bit more activity. So let's see if there are any improvements by this time next year,  although no promises and no recriminations,  I'm far to oldsensible to waste time in feeling bad with myself.


Michelle said...

I don't do resolutions. Don't remember ever having done them. I don't like putting myself under unnecessary pressure though so maybe that's why they don't appeal.

Happy New Year to you all as well. 2.5 hours for a takeaway is not good though - I hope they were exceedingly apologetic! We avoid the takeaway on busy nights as they take too long to arrive but never have they been that long!

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Yep unlucky this time that we got forgotten, usually very reliable.